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Fx golang

Fx golang

Algorithmic Trading System in Go : algotrading Algorithmic Trading System in Go. Golang is suitable for data analysis but certainly has no advantage over Python (Numpy/Pandas)., which these days is designed for data science. But for "algo/automated trading" you need a brokerage interface, and that is where Golang falls short. The performance of using interface{} vs a specific type ... I've recently started learning Go, and I have to say I'm very amazed by the whole concept of Goroutines, specially coming from a NodeJS / C++ background.. But sometimes it's nice to have a variable with a dynamic type, which Go does support (aka interface {}) , then I started wondering about the performance of using it vs just using one specific type., · GoDoc., uber-go/goleak · GoDoc., 

Apr 30, 2020 Package currency - GoDoc Mar 28, 2020

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Apr 05, 2020 GitHub - metrue/fx: A Function as a Service tool makes a ... 38 rows fx - GoDoc

Jan 15, 2018

fx/examples/functions/Golang at master · metrue/fx · GitHub Aug 31, 2019 package rate - GoDoc func (*Limiter) Burst ¶ Uses func (lim * Limiter) Burst() int Burst returns the maximum burst size. Burst is the maximum number of tokens that can be consumed in a single call to Allow, Reserve, or Wait, so higher Burst values allow more events to happen at once. Go Forum Jun 05, 2020

Jun 02, 2017

Package currency contains currency-related functionality. type QueryIter interface { // Next returns true if there is a next element available. // It must be called before any of the other methods are called. A powerful financial data module used for pulling data from Yahoo Finance. This module can pull fundamental and technical data for stocks, indexes, currencies, cryptos, ETFs, Mutual Funds, U.S. Treasuries, and commodity futures. ⚒️ dig . A reflection based dependency injection toolkit for Go. Good for: Powering an application framework, e.g. Fx. Resolving the object graph during process startup. All Forex Brokers Click on the arrow icon beside each category to display or hide all items within the chosen category. Summaries of each page may be hidden or shown by clicking the plus icon next each item.

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